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Patient-focused Pharmaceutical Group

Our Story
Our Story

Patient-Focused Pharmaceutical Group

EPM develops prescription medicine derived from synthetic cannabinoid acids to address unmet patient needs.

Our mission is to enable safe, effective and accessible treatments for patients in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

We have created a pipeline which includes the discovery of 14 protected synthetic molecules, including 8 novel structures and production processes IP. Currently EPM is advancing 3 treatments to human trials following the guidance of the U.S. FDA: Psoriasis, IBD and ARDS.

At EPM, we are committed to continue the novel discovery of cannabinoid acid molecules for research and drug development purposes.

Our Story

Founding EPM

The company was founded in 2017 by Reshef Swisa and Asaf Ohana, in an intergenerational collaboration with Israeli Prize winner and cannabis pioneer Prof. Raphael Mechoulam. Although the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory institutions have already accepted cannabis-based medicine, the true potential of cannabinoids had remained locked. They recognized the disparity in the required potency for treatments, the requirements of IP protection for pharmaceutical solutions, and the consistency required for mass production of medicine. These were the main challenges the cannabis industry was facing.

Together, EPM’s founders have managed to uncover the hidden potential in the plant’s potent capabilities and offer an alternative to current medicine, without having to depend or consume the plant itself.

The solution
Using proprietary innovative technology, EPM created a comprehensive and fully-protected portfolio of pharmaceutical solutions, which are a potential alternative to steroids and other treatments. EPM’s synthetic cannabinoid acid based products are protected, potent and industrially reproducible to ensure all pharmaceutical challenges are resolved.

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Our Team

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Our Team

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