Investor Relations

An Accessible Offering to the General Public

EPM is proud to launch an offering accessible to the general public at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. We believe that the company's vision is one that is important to all of us, and that the general public should have the same opportunity and accessibility to invest in a pharmaceutical company, at the same time and on the same terms as banks, funds and institutional investors.

To make this process as accessible and simple as possible, we used a dedicated platform on Fundit website, through which you can purchase the company’s shares in one of the following options: credit card, bank transfer or stock exchange member.

Please note that before making a decision or performing any action, it is important to read the company’s prospectus, which is published on the Israel Securities Authority website, or on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange website, and is also available on this page. The prospectus contains comprehensive information about the company, the industry, the risks, the challenges and more.

We are available to assist and answer any questions!

For additional information and to join the IPO - Click here!

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