Unlock the medical potential of synthetic cannabinoid acids

Unlock the medical potential of synthetic cannabinoid acids
Our Science

Endless Potential Molecules

EPM develops a dynamic portfolio of prescription medicines derived from synthetic cannabinoid acids. The treatments are based on the discovery of 14 synthetic molecules, including 8 novel structures and different development procedures.

In preclinical studies, EPM’s lead molecule has repeatedly shown similar results to established steroids in different inflammatory diseases.

EPM’s treatments have high potency, are reproducible and scalable, and have full intellectual protection:

Potency EPM’s lead treatment has demonstrated activity equivalent to steroids in inflammatory disease models.

Consistency EPM produces its medicine in pharmaceutically- approved GMP facilities with industrial capacity.

Protection EPM’s patents and IP portfolio cover a wide range of drug formulations and medical conditions.

Our Innovation

Cannabinoids Acid

In the plant, cannabinoid acids are the source of all known cannabinoids. The therapeutic effects of cannabinoid acids are less well known compared to cannabinoids. However, some of the acids were found to be more potent than the cannabinoids in areas such as anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety activity.

At EPM we synthesize and develop cannabinoid methyl-esters products, which are fully synthetic, stable, and IP protected derivatives of the original cannabinoid acids. These solutions constitute endless therapeutic potential and have already been tested and shown to be effective in animal models of IBD, obesity and metabolic related syndromes, inflammatory skin conditions and more.

Our Innovation

Our Pipeline Future Products and Development

EPM is currently advancing treatments in Prader-Willi Syndrome and Psoriasis into the clinic. EPM has also developed an intellectual property pipeline with 14 different cannabinoid acid molecules to innovate treatments in additional therapeutic areas.

EPM maintains control over all aspects of the product development process – research and discovery, formulation, toxicology, scaleup manufacturing, clinical trials and regulatory affairs.

Raphael Mechoulam

The Godfather of Cannabis Science

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